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Seeking Silence – Snæfellsnes

Since I was little, silence and solitude is the best regeneration I can think of.
Now I live in a major city, work a lively job (with lots of ups and downs) and of course I have a packed leisure program. I look for challenges and like the hustle. But sometimes I need to get out.

A rough, sparsely populated Island like Iceland, hits the spot (at least before Iceland’s achievements in this years soccer Euros, the UEFA European Championship.
It’s really entering into a different and new world.

Besides pub crawling, newcomer bands, extraordinary food and shopping in Reykjavík and besides the “Golden Circle”,
the circular road, touristy in an American fashion (big parking lot, fast-food, info point: stop, get out, codac moment, get in and get on) there is so much more to discover. My personal favorite is Snæfellsjökull national park.

Rough climate, real freedom

We want to go for a hike between Hellnar and Hella, hiking towards Snæfellsjökull.
Following our travel guide there must be some trails there, so get in the car and get started.
But the trails loose themselves between the moss and the rising plain towards Snæfellsjökull.
Not following any trail anymore feels like not following the rules. Maybe there are fine’s for trespassing? After all this is a national park.

But the park ranger reacts totally irritated by our questions: “No, there is no detailed map of the hiking trails… Of course you can co wherever you feel like going. Just go. After all this is what nature is all about.”

Icelandic Freedom.
So I pick a spot near the beginning glacier Snæfellsjökull where I want to go.
We take our imaginary route up the moos plain. Some bowlders keep us from taking the direct path. Our eyes look for the best route to the destination on top, trying to avoid ascent channels and crevices.

Higher and higher. Looking back the region lies below us. The sea on the horizon.
The street between Hellnar and Hella is very rarely taken by a car, that have the size of a little computer chip from above. During our day hike we meet nobody at all.

Taking our route back is a lot faster: the moss under our feet gives in and with every step we bounce back towards the glen. This is what being tigger must feel like. Or maybe even the Gummi-Bears.

Have a look at the map:Snaefelsness-Halbinsel

Check out the recent volcano status:

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