Bare Rock Fascination

Daring new challenges: Salewa Klettersteig, Iseler

Sometimes you get a present, that offers you more than the actual gift itself.
For example to try something completely new: in my case – climbing a via ferrata.
And I must admit: the title of my coupon “Bare Rock Fascination” commands my respect.

Before I rush into this adventure head over heals I check out all about the via ferrata online.
First I read “suitable for kids” (Oh, that sounds good!) then I read something about level of difficulty C (Oh, that is bad!). Level of difficulty C means: challenging, precipitous partly exposed terrain, energy-sapping passages.

Bud how tough can it be, if this is a simple “experience voucher” you can buy in a mall?

Route: find more information here

Overcoming fear, maintaining respect

This is it. Feeling slightly queasy, I listen to our mountain guide, who gives us instruction for behaving during our tour and for the challenges to come. I feel anxiety.
I try to calm myself by looking around our little tour group, deciding for myself that not everybody amongst us is an outstanding athlete.

There it goes. We hike to the access point. We get familiar with our equipment and start the via ferrata.
As I have basically got the groove going I am interrupted by more challenging passages that are very demanding.
My personal crux and sting: “the mountain guide top”. Standing in front of a steep ledge and neading to use arm strength to not only go up but also to the right side. Right in front of me there is… nothing. Nothing to hold on to at all.

In front of our group there are three persons in their twenties. A girl seems not to be able to make it on top of the “mountain guide top”. She tries again and again, but fails. Getting weaker with every attempt. I feel akward and queasy again.
And it’s getting worse as I have to look it her over and over again.
Finally our mountain guide saves her and gets her up safely.

And… he does the same for me. I couldn’t do it on my own.

Upshot: my first time doing a via ferrata

Oh yes, it truly is fascinating and it’s awesome to try something new and excel oneself.
To face up to the challenge and to overcome fear that makes me proud.
But I also know one thing. I do not need this adrenalin without any mountain guide in the future.

Personally I rather enjoy a great day in the mountains (physical demanding, but not going beyond my league).
I love hiking and demanding routes – but it doesn’t have to be a via ferrata for me.

You can find out more about the route here:
Bergfex: Routenbeschreibung.

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