What is the FoodPhilosophy by IndulgeYourSoul?

Or what kind of recipes can you find on this site?

Easy, simple and indulging recipes for every day.
Taking you only 30 minutes to prepare, healthy and all fresh ingredients!
No convenience products, preferably handmade not industrial and preferably without additives.
Always easy to make, everyday.

FoodPhilosophy? Really isn’t this a little bit far fetched? It sure is.
This article simply wants you to learn more about the recipes that can be found in the FoodIndulgence category.

Are the recipes vegan, vegatarian or clean eating?

The recipes are neither vegan nor vegatarian. They lean towards the principle of clean eating.

  • preferably avoid chemical additives or preservatives
  • no artificial sweetener
  • no processed or artificial made food: no convenience products like ready meal sauces etc.
  • no saturated fats or trans fats
  • no light-products,

But to make meal preparations easy and simple, conventional products like pasta, rice, a little bit of sugar and pastry flour/white flour is used for the recipes.

And let’s be honest, chocolate & pastry are too good to not indulge in them sometimes 😉

What kind of ingredients do I need for the FoodPhilosophy described? And where can I get them?

All ingredients can be bought in a regular supermarket.
But spices, oil, fresh organic vegetables should be high quality. And this might be easier to achieve at your local market or organic shop.

What kind of tips are there, to enhance the outcome of the recipes described and reach an optimum taste?

  • High quality spices are most important for tasty and interesting cooking.
  • Spices should be stored in closed spice boxes e.g. beautiful Indish spicery boxes or just simple regular ones.
  • High quality oil makes a difference. Olive Oil (it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one to be high quality), almond oil or sesame oil are used in the recipes.
  • If possible use seasonal vegetables: it does not only taste better but it also ensures variety on your meal plan.

Want to try FoodPhilosophy?

Find the recipes of IndulgeYourSoul. And get inspired.

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