Why reading IndulgeYourSoul might be for you?

IndulgeYourSoul offers easy and interesting inspiration – for your everyday life.

You will find encouraging articles on this site on how to do yourself some good, indulge in exciting stories, topics or approaches. IndulgeYourSoul offers you sweet escapes from daily life – DIY or letting your self get carried away by new and inspiring thoughts.

On life’s simple beauty.

On life’s simple beauty?

Does this sound familiar? We are hustling from one appointment, meeting and ambition to the next.
And even in our leisure time no details are left to chance: we are planning, optimizing and even deliberately set personal standards that are to be achieved. Family & friends, health, fitness – check. We go with the flow. And that feels good. But sometimes – only sometimes it feels like rat race and constraint.

And most of us have dreamed of escaping at one time and turning our life around.
But maybe this thirst for change is our yearning for easy and simple things in life.
Not complicated and not exhausting at all.
Just be – IndulgeYourSoul.

What kind of topics do your find on IndulgeYourSoul?

Inspiring World
This world of ours has the power to surprise us every day – again and again.
Different countries and cultures, technical innovations, astonishing viewpoints of society: offer us the ability to escape mentally. And that is what IndulgeYourSoul wants to achieve!
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Food Indulgence
Easy, simple and indulging recipes for every day.
Taking you only 30 minutes to prepare, healthy but not exclusively vegetarian or vegan. All fresh ingredients!
No convenience products, preferably handmade not industrial and preferably without additives.
Always easy to make, everyday.
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Body and Mind
Sometimes you have to be centered rather than to be carried away.
Find some inspiration on IndulgeYourSoul without turning your life around completely or aiming for a new job or sabbatical. That’s what you’ll find in this category.
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